Front panel of a guitar amplifier
2x12 guitar speaker cabinet
2x12 guitar speaker cabinet

Handmade in Chicago, IL USA

Handcrafted speaker cabinets and amplifiers designed to be the best in both form and function. Every made-to-order Emperor loudspeaker enclosure starts with our exclusive, full through CNC dovetailing process on both the marine grade, 12mm Baltic birch body panels and the poplar hardwood face frame. Full through dovetail joinery is renowned for its high tensile strength and is highly regarded as a signature of fine craftsmanship. It's use in our build technique creates a structure that provides superior resonant characteristics while an internal framework maintains the necessary amount of rigidity for the driver(s) to work efficiently. Join the ever-growing ranks of musicians worldwide who have taken their tone to the next level. Often imitated, never duplicated. Rule your tone!

Best Sellers

The 4x12 SS Guitar Cabinet

Originally designed to accommodate heavier playing styles, the 4x12 SS quickly proved itself to be highly versatile for a wide array of applications due to its ability to accentuate low end without sacrificing higher frequencies. This is hands down, our best selling product. Browse our collection of customization options.

The 2x12 RS Guitar Cabinet

The 2x12 RS has cemented its place as one our best selling cabs of all time. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations, it is a highly versatile addition to any guitar rig. Browse our collection of customization options.

Customer reviews
"Just wanted to reach out and let you know how pleased I am with the cab. The quality of the build is great, the cab is beautiful and roars!"
— Geoff W.
"I wanted to say thanks again for the great customer service, amazing woodwork, and attention to detail you guys are doing. My 4x12RS sounds amazing. I'm hooked."
— Eric S.
"Hey guys, just letting you know my cabs are everything I've ever wanted and more. Thank you so much."
— Tyler B.
"Hey Craig, the cabinets are so good! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your attention to detail."
— Justin V.
"Just want to say I received the guitar cabinet today. I just wanna express how incredibly beautiful and well-made this cabinet is. And the packing job was just as awesome. The resonance that I’m getting out of that cabinet is unbelievable!"
— Marshall M.
"The speaker cab has most definitely arrived, and I have to say that it was packed really well! It is beautiful and works fantastic!!! Thank you so much!"
— Jason M.
"I wanted to take a moment here to send in an email thanking you for creating this incredible custom cab for me. This is the best cab I've ever owned and its just a phenomenal piece of music technology really, I'll be using it for years to come. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of studio gear, I'm a huge fan."
— Russell W.
Just wanted to reach out and thank you and your team on my 2x12 SS cab. It looks amazing, can not wait to hook up the speakers and hear it roar. I'll spread the good word, and once again I appreciate you all.
— Jeff W.
Got the cab, its built like a fortress! I love it. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Looks great too! Nice work! Thanks!
— Scott H.