2x12RS Guitar Cabinet

  • 2x12RS Guitar Cabinet - Emperor Cabinets

2x12RS Guitar Cabinet


- Overall dimensions including feet: 30"Wx22¾"Hx15"D

- Main Color: Blackened

- Accent Color: Natural

- Grill Cloth: Black/Gold

- 150 watts @ 8 ohms

- Loaded with Celestion G12H-75 Creambacks

- 1 Input

- Rubber Feet 

Emperor loudspeaker enclosures are hand built from 12mm void-free hardwood core plywood with an internal framework for added stability. Each of our speaker cabinets feature full-through dovetail joints throughout the body as well as the poplar hardwood face frame. This ensures maximum durability and an even resonance across the entire cabinet.

Additional features:

- Rear loaded
- Top quality stamped aluminum nameplate
- Black powder coated steel hardware
- Locking quick-connect speaker terminal connectors
- High quality braided wiring harness
- Gasketed rear panel for a proper seal
- Internal supports allow the baffle and back panel to resonate in phase, avoiding phase cancelation
- Closed back / fixed baffle design allows the speaker(s) to work more efficiently and produces a deep low end response